Armor Wars - Intro

Armor Wars - Intro

Of all the castle games in the world, this is one of the most innovative and addictive ones, likely to keep you locked in front of your computer searching for new opponents time and time again. Indeed, Armor Wars is a very interesting game for all lovers of warfare and card games in general.

Review of the game

Yes, Armor Wars is a card game, played with virtual cards of different qualities and powers, against either living or AI opponents. Upon starting the game, you notice how easy it is to play it. Namely, Armor Wars can run on almost any machine out there, without any need for installing anything. All you need to do in order to enjoy it is to find it online and sign up by giving your hero a name. The rest of the game functions by following the next pattern – you get your cards, up to 7 of them and you see which ones you would like to use against your opponents. The number of people playing against you is one, each having a sets of cards of their own you cannot see. The only thing you can see is the information about the your status while leading the Armor Wars, the number of cards left in your deck, the resources you have at your disposal you can unleash from the cards and some general characteristics of your arsenal.
First, you play your cards, and then you use the creatures you have. The point of Armor Wars, again, resembling the goal of many other castle games, is to deplete the resources of your enemies and get the best of them, making them lose their life points, ending up with no cards left to play.

You can build your own deck by choosing your favorite hero - for example if you choose Lord Artemis you will then start with +1 iron and +1 jewel levels or if you choose Nevic the Farsighted then your castle has a 35% chance to evade incoming damage. Depending which hero you choose you must find him a good support by choosing wisely the card from Card Library. Only then the true hero's effect can be used on your enemy.

Armor Wars - Shot from the game

Shot from the game

Armor Wars - The land you must conquer

The land you must conquer

The creatures you use have their own qualities like armor and attack features. This information helps you calculate your attacks in order to know how many cards you need for getting the upper hand in the game. The creatures can attack other creatures or can directly attack the castle of your enemy. If you happen to lose a creature it goes to the graveyards. Fortunately, some creatures can be resurrected and used anew.

This is the main gist of the brilliant Armor Wars. The rest is up to you to explore. Rest assured that it is one of the finest castle games you can find so do not hesitate to play it. You can find it here!