Reading the title of this member of the castle games category leaves you expecting something like a game which involves setting a castle ablaze or blowing it into the tiniest pieces and collecting the loot afterwards through a well-planned invasion. However, Castle Break is likely to surprise you since it is a game which is all about castles, but in a special way.

Review of the game

The intro section of this game exposes you to the story and helps you get introduced with the whats and hows of it. Basically, Castle Break puts you in the skin of a scientist whose castle got ransacked by terrorists. Subsequently, the terrorists took you into custody and have shown interest in your work, since they want to destroy the world with a weapon of mass destruction they want you to make for them. Needless to say, not very happy with the requests of your captors, you decide to escape through the castle, by using a secret exit.

Castle Break - Intro

Castle Break - Intro

Castle Break - Shot from the game

Shot from the game

However, this Castle Break proves to be more complicated than you initially thought, since the premises are full of traps and obstacles. Nevertheless, once you start playing this gem of the castle games world, you start getting closer and closer to helping the scientist find his freedom. The systematics of Castle Break resemble those of a typical Super Mario game. Namely, you will be playing a dark version of this game, like the famous underground levels of the mustache and overall Italian superhero chronicles. The levels are full of perilous traps like spikes, holes and deaths from above.

Also, sooner or later, you encounter other enemies which will do their best to make sure you return to the terrorists and finish the bomb. Therefore, Castle Break, as most other castle games, demands skills, adequate timing and strategy. You need to time your jumps right, find the secret bonuses to your life and skill scattered all around the game and manage to reach the end safe and sound.

Castle Break has a great music background which will help you get into the playing completely. Also, the old-school graphics will surely bring smiles, if not tears, onto the faces of gamers with more than 20 years of playing behind them, bringing back memories from the gold age of Comodore, Atari and other brilliant consoles.

To sum it all up, Castle Break is an excellent representative of the category of games commonly referred to as castle games. So, if you are a fan of this category, do not miss this wonderful title.