For someone who enjoys games which are all about killing off your enemies, here is a title that is likely to knock you off your feet. Crusade 2 is a game that has tons of soul interwoven throughout its gameplay. Also, it is a castle games best representative, since it incorporates the tool that has been a necessary driving force of many ancient attacks – the cannon. Thus, Crusade 2 is a vivid mixture of contemporary graphics and innovative gameplay, mixed with a bit of gore – excellent for having hours of fun. Crusade 2 - Operations

Operations in Crusade 2

Review of the game

The main point of Crusade 2 is killing off your enemies. Speaking of these little guys, they are made to look quite cute, ninja-like. However, this should not stop you from sending different types of projectiles into their faces, blowing them away. What will try to stop you, on the other hand, is the terrain, the feature that makes this game different and better when compared to other castle games.

This game supports quite a lot of physics. This means that the terrain and the surroundings under which the Crusade 2 takes place behaves just like the one in real life. Hence, should you shoot a building block of a castle, for instance, it will be blown away and moved, just like it would have been in actual reality. This helps you plan your attacks more carefully, relying on the forces of nature present in the game.

Hitting objects and pushing them onto your foes is also an option unlocked by this awesome characteristic, so make sure you give it a try while playing Crusade 2.

As for the weaponry at your disposal. The cannon is the tool, and the missiles can vary. Most commonly, you will prefer the good old cannonball, mostly for its ferocity and strength. Yet, there will be times when accuracy will be of the essence and in those times you might opt for something smaller, like an arrow. Either way, the point is giving the enemies something to be scared to their bones of, so put this as your prime objective while playing Crusade 2.
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Your weapon in this game

All in all, there are tons of things to like about this game, from its amazing background music and sound effects, over its breathtaking graphics and all the way to its brilliant gameplay. So, without further ado, kill all the enemies and blow their pitiful means of security to smithereens – play Crusade 2 now!