Think a decade back and imagine gaming, or try remembering how it went. Usually, it involved purchasing a CD ROM with the game on it, paying some good money for it, inserting it into your computer, installing it, finding enough space on the hard drive, keeping your fingers crossed that your hardware supports it etc. Today, the situation is quite different, for the better. Today, all you have to do in order to play an excellent and addictive strategy game is to open your browser and find Kingdoms at War!
Kingdoms at War - Intro

Kingdoms at War - Intro

The Game

This game is played without any installations, setting up and other tedious procedures. Rather, Kingdoms at War requires you to click a couple of times in order to get yourself in the online world of the game and that's it! As the name of the game itself suggests, this is a castle game, in terms that it requires strategic skills which revolve around building your own empire and attacking others while defending yourself. If you like the idea, play this excellent game, play Kingdoms at War!The game reminds one of some excellent strategy games of the past. It has a graphic interface which blends into the overall topic of the game and complements it, giving you a couple of toolbar sets to use during your playing. On you right you are able to read the news and see what new features the game offers interactively, while the left sidebar gives you more general game option like toggling and scrolling to quests, getting an overlook of your kingdom, engaging into battles and gaining insight into your supplies.
The very bottom of the screen is reserved for real-time chatting with the rest of the gaming community, which makes it possible for you to play Kingdoms at War in alliance with other players. Also, this might be a good way to get more familiar with other online castle games of this type too! Once you set up your base and get your kingdom running smoothly, you can choose a quest and start playing the game, unlocking new features and enjoying the entire experience. The quests vary in difficulty and rewards – the harder ones will give you more money for expanding your kingdom and vice-versa. Also, the path of war will often lead you into trading with other players which can be an interesting way of learning more about the importance of economic transactions in warfare.
Kingdoms at War - Shot from the game

Shot from the game

All in all, it is a game bound to keep you busy for many hours. So, enjoy this excellent title, play Kingdoms at War now!