In these dark times, the only language people understand is the sharp, merciless but just blade of a sword. By steel will the flesh divide and you will be the one to make the dire decision! The dark times have summoned dark beings which, according to the lore, step outside of their vile dwelling every once in a while. Now, it is up to you to return the dead to the place where they belong, cold and under the ground. Rally the folk, establish a base, build vital constructions and lead the people to their freedom! These times ask for heroes, be one and deliver us from all evil and abominations! Grab the sword, smite the foes, for honor!

Instructions: Use the mouse to move your player around, hold the left mouse button and move the mouse around for him to follow your arrow. The left click is also used for fighting. Click on the menu items to activate them and use the mouse to interact with the surroundings.

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