Play Elona Shooter and try to defend your castle by clicking, shooting and disabling the enemies. To survive you must be fast and fearless with your gun and also you must upgrade you castle so people inside the walls can continue with a normal life. In the town, you can spend your action points to perform several action. To begin the battle, sleep in the Inn. In Barrack you can set tactics, hire or dismiss troops. In Equip you can use items or change the equipments of your troops. In the Shop you can sell or buy goods and in the Tower you can buy upgrades and also repair the wall before going to the battle. Good luck!

Instructions: Use number keys 1-5 to switch the weapons. press Spacebar to reload. Use A-key to turn on/off "Fire at will" mode. If you're dying playing Sheriff or Militia, try to manually reload your gun after each time you shoot.

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