Create your splendid castle by decorating every little piece of it. Hidden beneath the depths of the crystal sea, lies a castle prettier than any on the entire planet. It has unique decorations, water plants waving in front of it, different aquatic life enjoying its existence, swimming cheerfully all around... A true sight for sore eyes, relaxing, serene, breathtaking. Create your own Mermaid Castle by decorating it in the most beautiful way possible, your way. Choose the decorations wisely and match the colors and the style you are after, creating a combination of pleasantness and beauty. Once you finish, you can send your creation to your friends and see whether they like it or if they can do better than you. The fun never stops.

Instructions: Use the mouse to open the shells with the decorations and select them with the left click. Once you finish decorating, click on the save shell and print the screen or share it with friends.

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