It's it time to prove your valor and your skill in combat through historic battles known as the gauntlets, where many gladiators before yourself have shown incredible strength and skill with the sword, the axe and many other weapons. Enter the realms of the past, purchase weapons of your choice, develop battle strategies and win matches against terrific foes who will be clad in heavy armor, with donned helmets made of gold and blood. It is up to you to smite them and make sure yours is the name cheered by the public's ever watchful eye! For victory and for glory, as well as for justice and the defense of your name and the name of your ancestors, rise, Siegius, rise and fight!

Instructions: Use the arrow keys or the WASD key combination to walk around the arena and attack your foes. Use the X and the Z keys for weapon attacks and the C and the V keys for the magic attacks.

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