You must protect the empires last castle from hordes of relentless enemies. The team you control consist of three mighty warriors: a powerful knight, a deadly ranger and a merciless magician. Each fighter has their own unique strengths. The knight has brute force, the Ranger has ranged attacks, and the magician has magic. Position your team to take advantage of those strengths. You can give your fighters orders by clicking on them. But be careful, their power can regenerates over time but life does not. Each moon that goes by makes enemy waves stronger. But don't worry! each wave you survive gives you points that you can use to upgrade your characters and attack skills for next time you play. You are now ready to defend the last standing tower in our Empire. Let's hope you are better than the last three. Good luck!

Instructions: Use computer mouse to play this game! First go through practice mode where learn how to spend your points and then the real game begins!

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